Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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Although the mandate, which was instituted this summer, is no longer in effect, the Oklahoma City Police Department is still encouraging new hires and recruits to get vaccinated. October 22,...

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Police & Politics

Penn. Might be Close to Giving Police Radar for Speed Enforcement

Supporters of a bill that would allow local police to use radar guns to enforce speed limits are encouraging Pennsylvania residents to contact lawmakers...

For Officers, Consumer Messaging Apps are Insecure and Illegal

Using consumer apps to communicate on-duty? You could be breaking the law. By Jeff Halstead, co-founder & president of Evertel Mobile technology has had a tremendous impact...

Ala. Sheriff Wants Resource Officers in Every County School

Even before the Uvalde mass school shooting, Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner wanted student resource officers at every county school, and officials have approved...

Commission OKs Regulations for Mass. Police Officer Recertification

Massachusetts' Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission approved regulations to recertify officers after discussing how an agency should assess an officer's character. By Chris Van Buskirk...

Bail Set at $5M for Man Accused of Killing Wash. Police Officer

Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha, who had been with the department since 2017, was shot at least two times in the head and then...

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Officers Charged

Line of Duty Deaths

Ga. Police Recruit Collapses, Dies Less than Hour into Training

Gwinnett Police Recruit Ronald Donat suffered a medical emergency Tuesday during the first day of physical training at the department's academy in Lawrenceville. October 13, 2021 - By Karina Mazhukhina -...

Las Vegas Police Officer Killed When Steel Beam Falls on Vehicle

A truck towing construction equipment caused a large beam to fall on a Las Vegas police officer's car, crushing the front of the vehicle...

Miss. Police Officer Fatally Shot During Domestic Call

Authorities are searching for a 31-year-old suspect accused of shooting and killing Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom during a domestic violence call. By Carol Robinson Source A Mississippi police...

S.C. Police Officer Killed by Gunfire Years after Surviving Shooting

Cayce Police Officer Roy Andrew "Drew" Bar, who was wounded in the line of duty in 2017, was shot and killed while responding to...

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