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Watch Suspects Fall from Ceiling while Trying to Elude Wis. Police

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March 29, 2023 Two masked robbery suspects tried to escape Glendale police by hiding in a business’ drop ceiling, but that plan fell through when the ceiling panels gave way.

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Offenders fall from above and into the hands of authorities, but that’s what happened to Wisconsin police recently.

Glendale police responded to a report of two masked suspects trying to rob a past place of employment, WISN-TV reports. The teenage suspects were forcing an employee into a bathroom as officers were approaching the scene.

That’s when the men climbed into the business’ drop ceiling to hide. But that plan wasn’t quite successful, as the panels gave way and security camera footage capturing the suspects falling from the ceiling to the floor.

Police reached the business and deployed pepper balls. Finally, an officer spotted the suspects in a dumpster, and they surrendered.

The teens—16 and 18—were arrested, and the 18-year-old faces armed robbery, false imprisonment and criminal damage to property charges.

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