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Videos Show Shootout Between Calif. Police, Gunman Outside Auto Race

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May 25, 2023 Long Beach police shot and wounded a 39-year-old man who appeared to randomly open fire at people outside the Long Beach Grand Prix, injuring one person.

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Recently released video footage shows California police in a shootout with a gunman who is accused of firing at random at bystanders outside an auto racing event last month.

The incident happened April 16 near the Long Beach Grand Prix in the city’s downtown area, the Long Beach Post reports. A 39-year-old man—later identified as Esmundo Chavarin—allegedly began indiscriminately shooting as thousands were at the race.

One person was wounded during Chavarin’s rampage, and police don’t believe the individual was targeted. It’s unclear what Chavarin’s motive was for the shootings.

Footage from security cameras, as well as police body cameras, captured the suspected gunman as he fired on people over several hours. The videos also show Long Beach police confront Chavarin.

In an exchange of gunfire, an officer is seen ducking before jumping out of his vehicle and shooting at Chavarin. According to police, the officer’s cruiser continues rolling into another vehicle because the officer had no time to put the unit in park before opening fire.

Chavarin was shot and wounded in the shooting. He has been charged with five counts of attempted murder, two counts of shooting at an inhabited dwelling or occupied vehicle, a count of attempted murder on a peace officer other charges. He is being held on $9.085 million bond.

No police officers were injured in the incident. The shooting is under investigation by the police department and the district attorney’s office.

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