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Man Tries to Set Mich. Police Station on Fire

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May 25, 2023 Investigators tracked down and apprehended a man with anti-law enforcement views after he started a fire at the Wyandotte police station in an attempt to burn the building down.

By Jim Kasuba Source The News Herald, Southgate, Mich. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Wyandotte police are accusing a 51-year-old Allen Park man who doesn’t like cops of trying to set the police station on fire.

Although he hasn’t been charged yet, police said they believe they captured the person who did it and expect him to face serious charges related to the arson.

The incident took place at 1:45 a.m. May 23 outside the Wyandotte Police Department, 2015 Biddle Ave.

Deputy Police Chief Archie Hamilton described the suspect as having anti-law enforcement views. He said the man intentionally started a fire at the police station in what could only be described as an attempt to set the building on fire.

“Although the suspect fled the scene on foot, detectives and officers identified and tracked the arsonist down just hours later,” Hamilton said. “The man made anti-law enforcement statements upon his arrest. We are expecting felony charges to be authorized in the upcoming days.”

Hamilton praised the detective bureau for its “amazing job” uncovering the identity of the perpetrator, despite having very little evidence at the scene.

“Sgt. Ken Groat and Detective Joe Carr undoubtedly prevented future crimes by way of their relentless effort to ensure this dangerous individual was taken off the street,” he said.

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