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Stolen Car with No Tires Leaves Trail for Calif. Police to Follow

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March 29, 2023 Ceres police arrested a man in a stolen car after the suspect drove the vehicle without any tires, leaving grooves in the asphalt left by the wheel rims for the officers to follow.

By Vivienne Aguilar Source The Modesto Bee Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

A stolen vehicle left police a trail straight to it Sunday, according to a Ceres Police Department incident summary.

Police say Manuel Cervantes Chavez, 29, drove the car, without tires, along Hatch Road. Officers were able to find and arrest the suspect because of grooves the wheel rims cut into the asphalt.

Around 6 p.m., Officer J. Valenzuela responded to reports of a black Toyota Camry being driven in the wrong lane of traffic in the area of Hatch Road and Richland Avenue.

Following the grooves left by the rims, police were able to locate the Camry and Chavez in the CVS drugstore parking lot on 2075 E. Hatch Road.

Officers found Chavez standing near the vehicle.

At first, police said, Chavez gave a false name, but officers later confirmed his identity. While searching him, officers found the keys to the vehicle, and dispatch told officers the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Chavez was arrested on suspicion of providing false identification, joyriding and possession of a stolen vehicle. He was booked at Public Safety Center, and is set to appear in court Tuesday.

It was not determined that Chavez was driving under the influence or alcohol or drugs, CPD Sgt. Dirk Nieuwenhuis told The Bee.

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