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Critically Wounded Ala. Police Officer Expected to Survive

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March 30, 2023 Huntsville Police Officer Albert Morin needed emergency surgery and has a long recovery ahead after he was shot during an ambush that left fellow Officer Garrett Crumby dead.

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Huntsville, AL, Police Officer Albert Morin.
Huntsville, AL, Police Officer Albert Morin.

An Alabama police officer who was critically wounded in an ambush that left another officer dead is expected to recover.

Huntsville Police Officer Albert Morin and Officer Garrett Crumby were shot while responding to a shooting call at an apartment complex Tuesday, WAAY-TV reports. Crumby was killed in the shooting, and Morin was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

“They weren’t just police officers, they were people,” Deputy Chief Michael Johnson said at a press conference. “They had families. They had loves and hobbies beyond the job, but they did love police work.”

Morin needed emergency surgery, but he’s making progress, according to Police Chief Kirk Giles. He added that Morin still has long recovery ahead of him.

A native New Yorker who served in the military, Morin was described by Johnson as a hard-working officer who was a frequent hiker. In 2019, Morin was named West Precinct Officer of the Year, and he was considered the most productive officer in 2022.

“It’s a difficult thing to deal with,” said Giles. “I’ve gone through this four times, and you have to understand these officers, these employees, we have to go back to work.”

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