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Who’s Fighting for You? The Fraternal Order of Police Will Always Fight for Our Members

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The Fraternal Order of Police – FOP represents the vast majority of officers across the nation. Never has it been so hard to be a police officer or union leader in this country.

Officers shot in the line of duty this year is up 43% over last year. Liberal politics, prosecutors and media are the sole cause in this rise of violence against the Nation’s officers.

The FOP will continue to fight for the rights of officers. In cities like Philadelphia where the Mayor and District Attorney not only are liberal, but truly hate the police, violence is raging against citizens and the police that are trying to protect them and keep order.

John McNesby – President FOP Lodge 5 in Philly is constantly fighting for everyone of his officers rights. He tirelessly battles the politicians who seem to want to view his officers as the enemy.

This is going on in cities all over the country, now more than ever these men and women need your support.

Last week, McNesby hosted the annual FOP business meeting in Philadelphia. The leaders came together in an effort to unify their ability to fight for members rights.

Who is fighting for the police officers, the FOP is.

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